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Machine Safety Guarding Solutions
Machine Safety Guarding Solutions

Machine Safety Guarding Made Simple

Machine Guarding Solutions

Easy to Design

You can easily create a complete guarding solution using our standard in-stock panels. If your project requires a custom panel in height, width or cut-outs, check out our online configurator. 

Machine Safety Guarding Door

Easy to Assemble

Doors, Posts and Panels come pre-attached with AMGS’s Quick-Connect hardware system making it easy to assemble your project quickly. Doors ship completely assembled for ease of installation.

Complete Safety Solution

We know your time is valuable. That is why we offer pre-designed solutions for integrating electronic safety controls into our product.

Machine Protection You Need, For What You Value Most

Machine Safety Guarding OSHA

Your People

We know that keeping your people safe is what matters most to you. That's why our guarding system meets or exceeds ANSI or ISO standards.

Machine Safety Guarding Solutions

Your Machines

Your equipment is valuable. We understand the need to have easy access to perform maintenance on your equipment.

Machine Safety Guarding OSHA

Your Profits

Downtime, Lost Production and Injuries can all be costly. Guarding your equipment properly keeps your production running and increases your bottom line.

Machine Safety Guarding, Made in America

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