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Standard Posts

Heavy Duty Posts

Leveling Posts

Standard Posts come preassembled with the hardware for our Quick-Connect System, making installing panels quick and easy. M6 jack screws are included for leveling posts on your plant floor.

Heavy Duty Posts are used for wide Doors. The wider base and addition mounting holes provide a base that can support your application, and still provide a quick, simple solution.

Leveling Posts are adjustable up to 2-1/2" for applications with the most difficult manufacturing floor. The posts are pre-assembled, and ready to install.

Light Curtain Mounting

Light Curtain Floor Mounts

Adjustable Light Curtain Brackets

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Light Curtain Posts

Adding light curtains to your safety guarding solution is simple with our standard light curtain posts. Made with mounting holes to work with your light curtains, and even preassembled when light curtains are ordered with our posts, installing safety guarding is fast and simple. 

Floor Mounts are used for horizontal light curtains that expand the safe distance from the access points in your safety guarding. Slotted holes for anchor bolts allow for simple installation and adjustment.

Adjustable light curtain mounting brackets are used with our standard guarding post. This clamping design allows for the light curtain to slide up and down the post for alignment.