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Machine Guarding Panels

Machine Guarding Doors

Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions offers standard panel heights and widths that can be easily configured to meet your safety guarding needs. If a standard panel won't work for your application, then configure a custom panel with cutouts for conveyors, operator load stations or anything else your application requires. 

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Doors allow access to your guarded robot or other manufacturing equipment.  If you need access to safely preform maintenance on your equipment or need to enter the cell to add more material, Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions has a door that will work for your application. Not all doors are the same or offer the same level of protection. Select from our standard doors or configure a custom door to meet your needs. 

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Machine Guarding Posts

Machine Guarding Safety Electronics

AMGS offers different height posts to fit your safety guarding application needs. All the hardware will come preassembled with options for leveling. No need to sort through bags of loose fittings, find the right tools and worrying about leveling your floor. Installation is fast and simple.

Not all applications work with hard guarding only. Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions makes it easy to add additional safety devices like light curtains, area scanners, safety interlock switches and other safety devices to our perimeter guarding. It is all preconfigured and assembled to make the installation of your safety solution even faster and easier.

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