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Machine Safety Guarding Push Button

Machine Guarding
Push Button Pendants

Need to add an addition level of safety to your standard door? All standard machine guarding doors can have additional safety devices added to meet your needs. Devices are installed and wired with a quick connect cable, ready to add easily to your control system.

  • Powered Interlock (Power to lock or unlock)

  • Start/Reset/Prereset Push buttons

  • Maintenance/trap keys

  • E-Stop Buttons

Machine Safety Guarding Safety Interlock

Machine Guarding
Safety Door Interlocks

Machine Guarding Door Interlocks add an extra level of safety to your perimeter guarding solution. Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions has standard offerings from Fortress Interlocks. Contact Us if you require another brand of Door Interlocks and we can create a guarding solution for your application. 

Fortress Interlocks amGuardpro 

  • IHW-F00L Power to Unlock, Left Hand, Pre-Wired 

  • IHW-F00R Power to Unlock, Right Hand, Pre-Wired 

  • IHW-F01L Power to Unlock, Left Hand, M12 Conn 

  • IHW-F01R Power to Unlock, Right Hand, M12 Conn 

  • IHW-F10L Power to lock, Left Hand, Pre-Wired 

  • IHW-F10R Power to lock, Right Hand, Pre-Wired 

  • IHW-F11L Power to lock, Left Hand, M12 Conn 

  • IHW-F11R Power to lock, Right Hand, M12 Conn

Download Wiring Diagrams

Machine Safety Guarding Solutions

Machine Guarding Light Indicators

Machine Guarding Light Indicators are an easy solution for providing the visual status of your machine. Our Pre-Configured Indicators come with a M12 Quick Connect, making Installation simple.

  • DLS-GAR01 Green/Amber/Red LED Light Stack M12 8 Pin Connector 

Machine Safety Guarding Solutions

Multipin Connecting Cables

Push Button Pendants and Door Interlocks come preassembled and wired into Advanced Machine Guarding Solutions Safety Guarding. Other Safety Electronics such as light curtains and light indicators are also installed with quick connect cables. Mating cables are available for all our safety electronics in the length you need for your safety solution. 

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